Salient Aspects

  • Academics
  • Safety Health
  • Day Boarding
  • Parent Partnership

At Edu-Lo-Sung we understand that Early Childhood Education is not a one size – fits all, therefore our curriculum has been designed and developed in a way so that each child can be taken care off at his / her intelligence levels, space & pace. Ours is an intensely researched Indian curriculum with a focus on Global Standards, through innovative methodology of Playful, Experiential and Activity based hands on learning, aiming to prepare children for the challenges of the 21st Century and not for today, not for tomorrow but for the future economy 20 years later. Conceptualized learning right from phonetics to statement formation, from counting to numeric and analytical solutions, our facilitators are well trained to not just teach children how to Speak, Read & Write but also to Critically Think, Imagine & Ask. Every concept session is a progression through a three step journey of

  1. Experiment & Experience (Pre- Concept)
  2. Well researched Playful & Fun Activity based learning (Concepts)
  3. Implementation as outcome of Learning (Post Concept)

Well researched and developed individual Students’ Kit for toddlers’ comfort, convenience, likes and safety for academic progressions and nurturing Fine & Gross Motor Skills. Every learning concept is accompanied by intensely researched age related implementation with outcome. This establishes in the formative brain, the fact that every learning has an implementation and outcome thereby enhancing inquisitiveness and critical thinking ability. This habit of inquisitiveness leads to questioning – the quest for knowledge begins and critical thinking leads to analytical solutions of the future. Bridging course for each grade to ensure continuity of motivational levels for self learning, as the grades get higher and tougher. Physical Exercise sessions integrated into curriculum with support from SHAPE India Pvt. Ltd.


Health is of top priority for the children at ELS. Twice a year complete health checkup by visiting doctors of Noble Hospital and regular  injury and random temperature scanning at school.

Home cooked
nutritious food

Home cooked nutritious food, under the aegis of an empanelled paediatric dietician, for school as well as day care students.


Transport facility with Lady Attendant.

Regular Fire Drills

Fire Drill and Safety show case once / twice a year, by Fire Fighters in addition to In campus fire drill with Fire Extinguisher usage display for all staff & students.
Kids Food At Edulosung Play School
Kids Food At Edulosung Play School
Kids Food At Edulosung Play School
Kids Food At Edulosung Play School

A first time innovative initiative of an ALUMNI PARENT PLATFORM (APP) – We consider ourselves as the Nurturing Parents and this enables us to pledge our support & partnership to the Biological Parents for every step & decision undertaken for the well-being of the child, throughout the education life cycle of the child, till entrance to the degree courses. We believe that sincere and passionate nurturing of the development during the formative years, paves the pathway for future growth and excellence. Our team of pedagogists, psychologists, education specialists and counsellors will be available to our Alumni parents for full support, in any and every decision making that the parents may require, for the development, growth, behavioral aspects and education of the child, without any financial implications. This is our commitment to the Sungite students and parents.


Monthly 360° Parent Teacher Review Meet to understand development & requirement of each child. Parent participation in celebrating festivals, field trips, organizing shows, conducting felicitation days for Fathers / Mothers / Grand Parents / Gratitude / Joy of Giving etc.


A well researched & developed personalized mobile App that help parents get daily timely updates on academic progressions, food, nap, potty, incidents, events, holidays etc., of their child, as if the child is beside the parent and not away at school. It is a one stop solution for all communications between Parents, Teachers and School Management, including leave applications, raising concerns and queries, noting medicinal or any special instructions with an advantage of escalation.